If a day spent away from the everyday 'noise' of running your business with the help of award-winning business experts would be useful, then read on...

Our Business Planning Days have helped some of the UK's most successful SMEs. They've been designed to make businesses fighting fit and ready to face the short and mid-term future in the best possible shape, whatever their circumstances.

  • Sense-check and adapt your current plans

  • Run through alternative scenarios

  • Create a new plan for the new normal

Many businesses are re-evaluating and adapting their business plans and sales and marketing strategies. So, if you're looking for a fresh pair of eyes from a team of experts who can help with your planning, come and spend a day with us, either in person or online.

We'll even give you your money back if you're not happy. We can't say fairer than that.

The GHJ Planning Day
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All of our sessions are available either in person (socially distanced, of course) or online.

Phil Vickery MBE DL

Entrepreneur and Rugby Legend

Nick Rogers

ExactaTech MD

Ian Herbert

Vistair Systems CEO

John Workman

Head of BPE Solicitors



"The whole board found the workshop highly valuable. It stress tested our business model, gave us new ways to get to market and clarity on what we needed do."

Chris Williams, Prolectric


An outline of the day

We've developed an agenda that helps you create an action plan for the next stage of your business journey.

1. What's holding back growth?

Is there too much 'noise' in the business? 


Are you focussing on the right things?

2. What does good look like?


What is the vision and what are the goals?

We explore this for you, your team and the business. 


We challenge you to see what is possible.

3. How close to your goals are you?


Are you already on track, if not what needs to change and how?

We bring in external benchmarks for competitor companies in your space.

4. We create your plan.

Simple, practical and with measures and responsibilities for each of your team.

Ideas get turned into actions, we make sure the day doesn't become just a day out.

The GHJ Team

Each of the team has run consultancies and marketing agencies where we were trusted with multi-million pound budgets and tasked with driving growth for brands in the UK and around the world.

We set up GHJ to offer the same skills and support but this time aimed directly at entrepreneurial, dynamic, challenger businesses who are led from the front by their charismatic owners. It gave us more interesting clients, more interesting businesses and more fun. But most importantly, it delivered better results for our clients. 

For the past 8 years we have worked behind the curtain with some of the most successful entrepreneurial businesses in the UK. We've learnt what works and what doesn't and how to help our clients achieve their goals. 

Adrian Gill

Sales & Marketing

Adrian is an entrepreneur who has launched, grown, bought and sold multiple businesses and was MD of the UK's fastest growing marketing agency.

He's classically trained in the real world of front line sales and specialises in applying the theory and psychology of sales techniques into practical strategies.



Guy Harris

Strategy & Planning


Guy is a former CEO of a PLC marketing agency and MD of several successful SMEs with experience in growing, selling and buying businesses.

He has developed sales and marketing strategies for global blue chip brands in the USA and UK and now uses his big business thinking to help SMEs scale and grow.

Andy Wheatley

Brand & Communications


Andy is a former MD of the largest brand agency in the world, with a wealth of experience helping brands to grow all over the world.

Strong advocate of removing the noise and jargon around brands and keeping things simple.

Focused on helping challenger brands realise their potential and driving sales.